About Gumigem

About GUMIGEM ®  

Have you found that since having a baby wearing a jewellery isn't ideal? Fed up with your jewellery being tugged and chewed on? Scared that baby maybe chewing on something that isn't for young gums and teeth? Worried your good jewellery will be destroyed?

GUMIGEM ® jewellery has been designed by a mother who experienced the very same problems when having her own baby. And while it's not a major issue, why should we compromise on these accessories if we don't have to. Especially when they are dual purpose, providing both a solution for mum to wear jewellery again and a safe teether for baby!

GUMIGEM ® is a UK based, family run, business who produce jewellery aimed to provide mummy with a stylish accessory that baby can entertain their hands with. With a variety of stylish designs, and a full range of colours to choose from, you are certain to find a GUMIGEM ® to suit you in our online shop.

GUMIGEM ® jewellery is made from silicone (like what you would find a dummy teat, teething toy or baby spoon to be made of), so is soft and flexible. Our silicone meets the required standards and is BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free. For more information on our commitment to safety view our FAQs page.

GUMIGEM ® can withstand high temperatures, be easily washed in hot water or placed in the dishwasher. The necklaces come on a long cord, so there is plenty of reach for baby, and for extra comfort and safety, each necklace has a breakaway clasp. They are designed in the UK and manufactured between our UK and Chinese factories. 

About Jenny

The GUMIGEM ® was created by Jenny McLaughlan, mum of two from Birkhill, Scotland.

Jenny came up with this idea while on maternity leave with her second child in early 2010. He was a big teether and grabbed at everything, then the idea struck her. After months of research and development GUMIGEM® was born. This was a long process that finally resulted in developing a necklace that is a nice piece of jewellery, but has a dual function as a safe teething item for your baby. Jenny has already developed the range further and intends to continue this by adding more shapes and designs.

Gumigem Jenny McLaughlin

Jenny's passions are her two children, husband and when she has a spare minute which is not often, she enjoys the outdoors, particularly snowboarding.



My name is Catherine, I live in Melbourne, Australia, I have two small children and they have both had a hard time teething. When I had my second child, I searched on the internet for a product that allowed me to accessorise, but at the same time was safe for my baby to grab and chew. I found  GUMIGEM ®.

My daughter and I both love them, and my son, who is now three and still teething, when supervised can wear one himself (he wears the Trooper Dog Tags). It has saved alot of dangerous and destructive chewing on inappropriate household objects. I found GUMIGEM ® products to be fantastic, so, I looked into bringing them to Australia, and here we are!